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Web Video Series

Thank you for watching my video! If you’re looking for more you’ve come to the right place.

Right now the videos are still being produced. Once they are all complete I will have them online.

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Get all your Frequently Asked Questions answered, such as:
  1. How do we get started selling my house?
  2. Do I need to hire a real estate agent?
  3. What’s my house worth?
  4. What does it cost to sell a house?
  5. How long will it take to sell?
  6. What time of year should I sell?
  7. Should I sell my home before I find another one?
  8. Why should a seller pay for an appraisal?
  9. Do I need to make repairs to sell my home?
  10. How do I choose the best agent?


Enter your email address to be notified when the video series is available.
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While I’m at it I’m going to answer the Questions you Should Be Asking:
  1. What’s the process for selling my house?
  2. Should I stage my home for sale?
  3. How do I protect my house, my family, and my things when selling?
  4. What does a seller have to disclose?
  5. What will I have to guarantee or provide when selling?
  6. How can I help with the sales process?
  7. What will you (Brian) do to help me prepare my home for sale?
  8. Will you help me find the right professionals to build our team to sell my house?
  9. How can I increase my home’s value quickly?
  10. How can I make more money working with you when I have to pay you a commission?