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Tile DIY

Construction worker laying tile

Construction worker laying tile

Tiling a backsplash or replacing dirty old grout are projects many homeowners will be able to tackle on their own. And if your project requires tiling floors, walls, or large tile installations, it might be worthwhile to contact a professional for help, especially if your cutting any tiles is necessary.

If you are interested in new grout and ready to experiment in an unorthodox way, then keep reading. All you need to do in order to make old grout to look good is just to paint it. You can buy a special paint for this. It’s not expensive – but before you buy it please make sure that your tiles are a kind suitable for the product. The process of painting is really simple. All you need to do before you start, it’s just to sweep the targeted painting area.

Then, you need to gather supplies for this action, which include an old toothbrush and of course the grout paint. Pour a dab of paint onto the toothbrush and scrub it into your grout. When you finish painting, let it dry for up to three days. After that, run a wet rag over the area to loosen it up a bit. Then you can use a moist dishcloth to wipe the floor from paint leftovers and you’re finished.

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