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Floor repairs can be fairly easy, from cleaning to repairing small nicks in the flooring. However, if the tiles are damaged, it’s Outdoor_DIY_Bamboo_Flooringlowering your house value.  Broken tiles harm the aesthetics of the house and give it an outdated and tacky look. In case of a large number of broken tiles, we can choose between three alternatives: to repair the tiles – if the amount of the damaged ones not too great, replace the floor or glue a new tile over the old ones. In large projects like this, it might be worthwhile to hire a pro. With the amount of work required to install a new floor, hiring someone with the experience can save you time, money and a lot of body aches.


If you’re not sure and want a professional opinion, you can trust my friend Fred Scharm. Call him today at Scharm Floor Covering, (847) 298-8233, online at


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