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Asbestos, Mold and Lead Paint

If you have a new home, you will not encounter asbestos or lead paint. But if you are interested in older homes, asbestos and lead paint are a possibility. Once used as insulation, asbestos is toxic, and there are laws that govern how it’s removed and disposed of. Lead paint is also highly toxic, and in the late 1960s, it was determined that the lead in the paint led to serious medical issues.

If your house or apartment was built before 1978 then there may be potential for lead based paint inside and out, that could potentially pose a serious risk of lead poisoning. The risk is increased if you’re pregnant or have small children.

These lead paints were phased out and by the 1980s legislation banned the use of lead paints in homes due to health concerns. Removal of the lead paint should be done by a professional.

Should you have mold in your home (certain types are toxic), it’s best to leave the removal of all of these to the professionals: they know how to remove and dispose of all toxic materials, and they can do it safely.

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